Frequently Asked Questions

What type of technical problems can Str8wave solve?

Str8wave has experience with providing innovative and creative solutions to a wide range of technical problems, including analytical algorithms, data manipulation and visualization solutions, finite element pre and post-processing, logistical algorithms and  legacy software upgrading. For an overview of the range of problem types solved by Str8wave, refer to the Project Archive.  

What does a typical Str8wave project look like?

The scope of work for your project will be discussed in detail and summarised in an initial proposal. Based on this proposal Str8wave will put together a detailed scope of work, including defined input and output parameters, description and/or reference to the model(s) to be used, validation cases for which the software will be tested, deliverables, hour & cost estimate, review cycles and payment milestones. For larger or more complicated projects a mock-up GUI may be included in the scope of work to show what the end product will look like. 

What deliverables will be supplied by Str8wave?

The agreed scope of work will detail the exact deliverables that will be supplied by Str8wave, but in general these will include the software (executable, supporting data files and validation files), a user manual detailing input, output and theoretical background and a validation manual.

What happens if I want to change the scope of work during project execution?

Str8wave uses a Change Management Procedure that requires all change requests to be confirmed in writing. Change request will be assessed on a case by case basis and the impact on the agreed scope of work will be determined and discussed with you. One of the strengths of Str8wave is that the algorithm developer, interface designer and coder are one and the same person and this means that changes can often be implemented with little or no impact.  

What happens if I want changes or new features implemented during the lifetime of the software?

Str8wave will keep in-house records of all your project files and documentation for precisely this purpose and will be able to efficiently implement changes or new features into previously supplied software. For all except straightforward changes, a scope of work will be drawn up and agreed before starting the work. All Str8wave products are standard supplied with version control and where possible backward compatibility of data input files is provided.   

What platform is used by Str8wave for software development?

Str8wave uses the .NET platform for software development and C# for coding. Microsoft .NET, is a modern and flexible platform for developing software and enables porting of applications to different platforms. For maintenance, modification or conversion of existing software, Str8wave has in-house coding expertise and experience with Python, Pascal (Delphi) and Fortran.   

Can Str8wave implement copy protection or other security measures in the software?

Str8wave does not develop these features in-house, but can implement third party products in your software. Str8wave does not develop such features in-house, because this type of products is highly specialised and developments in this area are fast. Str8wave can provide independent advice and recommendations about third party products for your specific application.