Offwin Software

The Offwin software encapsulates one of the most used DOS based FEM software for pipelay analysis. Offwin provides many additional capabilities, including advanced iteration schemes to determine installation parameters and sequences, time saving and company specific input templates and sophisticated project engineering management features. The latter enables automatic re-running of analyses when project or equipment parameters change and this feature alone has reduced the re-engineering process by weeks on multiple occasions.


When Ralph and I worked together in the late nineties, the computing power was increased dramatically while at the same time pipeline installation projects became far more complex. Ralph started developing software tools that benefitted from these increased computing power. One of these tools became known as OFFWIN which used the simplicity, reliability and robustness of existing OFFPIPE software and combined that with the exploding demands from installation contractors and oil & gas companies for adequate analyses of their complex installation projects. By implementing OFFWIN in the engineering department, the time involved to perform installation analyses was decreased dramatically giving the engineers time to think about further optimization.

I have known Ralph for over two decades and can highly recommend his skills, reliability and professionalism.


Peter Spaargaren, Owner of Offshore Independents bv, ARC-SES bv, Auxilium Offshore bv, Rook & Spaargaren bv