Pipehaul Logistics Software



Development of cost effective, flexible and robust pipehaul logistic chains has long been a challenge in the Australasia region due to the long distances between site and the SE Asia coating yards, impracticalities of using local onshore pipe storage and the changeable weather conditions infield.  Long large diameter trunklines, coupled with the latest high productivity lay vessels, puts additional pressure on the pipehaul logistics chain and maintaining the supply of linepipe to meet production demands becomes a key factor in delivering projects safely on schedule and to budget.   As a construction manager for submarine pipelines in Australia for over 14 years I am intimately familiar with how pipehaul can make or break the success of an offshore pipelay campaign.


Back in 2007 the supply of linepipe to the field to support installation of the 180km long Pluto gas export trunkline was deemed a high risk by Woodside to the success of the project and in my role as pipelay construction manager I was responsible for ensuring that supply of pipe to the field kept up with demand. The Str8wave pipehaul logistics software was commissioned specifically for the project in order to assess the optimum method for linepipe supply factoring in all primary parameters that can impact the supply chain such as weather limits, layrates, mechanical downtime, port delays and loading/unloading rates.  The software enabled the rapid assessment and development of the most cost effective pipehaul supply chain that provided flexibility for changes in productivity and an optimised buffer for rough weather, mechanical downtime and other events.


The software was utilised continually through the offshore campaign in order to forecast any potential shortfalls in supply and support the client and contractor project management teams in making tactical decisions regarding port visits and the onhire/offhire of vessels within the pipehaul fleet.   The software accurately predicted the real world performance of the pipehaul logistics system resulting in no delays infield to the pipelay vessels due to lack of pipe, whilst optimising the amount of redundancy in the pipehaul logistics chain enabling a reduction in the number of vessels that would have ordinarily been specified thus reducing cost.  The software was subsequently used again with great success when I oversaw construction of the Wheatstone submarine pipelines for Chevron in 2013, where the pipehaul logistics chain was pushed to its limits to keep up with pipelay production rates regularly in excess of 3.5km per day.


The Str8wave pipehaul logistics software has enabled the likes of Woodside, Chevron and other pipelay Contractors that utilise the system to save millions of dollars in pipelay vessel downtime and superfluous excess capacity in pipehaul systems. I would have no reservations in recommending Str8wave for the development of bespoke software packages and I will be using the software again in my current role overseeing design and construction of the gas export pipeline on the ConocoPhillips Barossa project.  


Ben Haslam