QACheck Software

QACheck Software

The QACheck software is the result of a fast track development for a large dredging project and it's purpose is to check, interpret and visualize data contained in datalog files that are recorded on the project's vessels.

For these vessels datalog files were recorded every 24 hour period, but the data proved difficult to access and interpret. QACheck was developed for the purpose of checking, interpreting and visualising this data and flags data gaps, formatting errors and logging and sensor faults.


QACheck generates custom graphs of key parameters and plots recorded vessel positions overlayed with designated zones to confirm that vessels have worked inside surveyed areas, dumped within designated dumping spoil grounds and have complied with maximum sailing speed requirements.

QACheck reduced the task of data processing of all datalogs to approximately half an hour a day and its user friendliness enabled this task to be performed by a non-specialist resource.  


"As a young company we don't have much money to spend and success has to be guaranteed. Str8wave accepted the challenge and delivered on time and within budget." Simon Burgmans, Director & Principal Dredging Consultant in2Dredging.

“To efficiently control and check a range of compliance requirements, In2Dredging developed a software tool which enabled us to verify several key parameters on a daily basis with a quick and consistent data review script. This bespoke feature allowed us to instantaneously and visually identify near misses which could subsequently be shared with the crew and supervisors. This greatly enhanced our ability to alleviate cases of non-compliance.” Maarten Terwal, Division Manager, TAMS.