Str8wave provides innovative and creative engineering solutions and tools to a wide range of technical problems and combines a solid engineering background with vast experience in algorithm development and implementing those in Windows programs. 


Because the engineer and the programmer are combined in a single person, a detailed project scope of work can be defined quickly and feedback loops are short and fast.

In-depth understanding of the algorithm and its application ensures a practical and intuitive user interface.  

Development of Algorithms 

Str8wave develops algorithms from scratch  and implements these in  professional Windows programs and GUI's.

The programmer is also a qualified and experienced engineer who understands the purpose and application of the product and this results in a user friendly and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

Detailed knowledge of the algorithm will be applied to design rigorous testing and validation procedures to certify the final product.

Implementation of Client Supplied Algorithms

Str8wave implements client supplied algorithms, either in conceptual or detailed form, into professional Windows programs.

The engineer/programmer will start with a detailed analysis of the supplied algorithm and will flag any inconsistencies and ambiguities.


A check of all boundary conditions and the correctness of validation data is carried out before software development commences.

Spreadsheet Conversion to Windows Program

Spreadsheets tend to become excessively complicated and slow over time and often  the information contained is not well protected. Many spreadsheets are also insufficiently documented and validated. 

Converting a spreadsheet to a professional Windows GUI program protects your Company's know-how, prevents people from modifying macro's and formula's and usually provide significant performance increases. 

Legacy Software Conversion

If you or your IT department is still struggling with running old legacy software on modern Windows PC's, consider converting your legacy software to a modern up to date Windows program. Str8wave has extensive experience with conversion of legacy software to modern Windows based programs including GUI. 

Legacy software conversion is also an excellent  opportunity to correct those annoying bugs and to fully customise the software for your company. 

Technical Writing and Document Services

Str8wave takes care of all technical document requirements, including manual writing and documenting testing and validation programs.


Str8wave also has the capability of efficiently extracting data from large amounts of (PDF) project documentation, such as daily progress reports or weather forecasts to collate information as part of project close-out documentation.

Engineering Services

Str8wave provides general engineering support as well.


This includes activities such as:

  • Document reviews

  • Writing scopes of works;

  • Developing specifications;

  • Client representation;

  • Onsite coordination or witnessing activities.